Root Canals in Rowlett, TX

Repair Damage With Root Canals in Rowlett, TX

When your tooth is too badly damaged for a standard filling, a root canal is the next step. This helpful dental treatment goes deep into the root of your tooth, ensuring every part of your tooth is properly repaired. Getting root canals in Rowlett can save deeply infected teeth and give you back your healthy and beautiful smile.

How Root Canals Work

The root canal procedure helps to repair badly infected teeth. Underneath the white part of your tooth is a root filled with nerves, blood vessels, and other essential material called pulp. If this part of your tooth is infected or damaged, ignoring it can lead to tooth loss.

Root canals go into the root of the tooth and remove all bacteria and infected or damaged tissue. In some cases, your dentist may leave the area open for a few days, so you can apply medication directly to the infection. Once your dentist has gotten rid of all the infected material, they will then fill up the root canal with a sealant. This helps keep your tooth firmly rooted inside of your jaw. Finally, the hole in your tooth is filled with a large filling or covered with a crown to restore normal functioning to the area.

What Do Root Canals Fix?

A root canal is a type of therapy that can save a tooth even if it has been severely damaged. Often, patients get a root canal if they have ignored a cavity for a very long time. Though standard cavities are the most common cause of root canals, they are not the only reason. Some people need a root canal after their tooth is cracked or chipped. Whenever damage to the surface of the tooth is severe enough to affect the interior pulp, a root canal may be necessary.

The Truth About Root Canals and Pain

Many patients dread root canals because they have heard that a root canal is an extremely painful and unpleasant procedure. The reality is that modern root canals are just like any other dental procedure. When done properly by an experienced professional, the discomfort should be minimal.

Your dentist will provide you with localized anesthesia to dull pain. If you are anxious about the procedure, you can also find dentists who offer sedation dentistry. This allows you to be unconscious during the procedure, so you do not have to worry about pain at all.

Root Canals in Rowlett, TX

When you have damage, you do not have to put up with discomfort and unsightly teeth. Smile Again Dental has the expertise needed to properly care for your teeth. If you or a loved one needs root canals in Rowlett, schedule your appointment with us today.

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