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Your Smile Says It All

Welcome to Smile Again Dental – Redefining Excellence in Cosmetic and General Dentistry in Dallas, Tx!

Welcome to Smile Again Dental in Garland, TX, a center of excellence in both cosmetic and general dentistry. Our practice is synonymous with innovation, with our use of the Yomi Robot for precision in dental implants. This cutting-edge technology sets us apart, ensuring accuracy and outcomes in implant procedures. At Smile Again Dental, we believe in preserving natural teeth, when possible. Our approach is patient-centric, focusing on all available options to maintain natural teeth, reflecting our belief in informed patient choice and advocacy for best interests.

Our expertise extends to providing zirconia crowns, chosen for their superior durability and aesthetic compared to porcelain. This commitment to high-end materials shows our dedication to offering the best to our patients. Recognizing the transformative power of a confident smile, we strive to make premium dental services accessible to all. Our partnerships with financing options like Alpheon, CareCredit, and Cherry ensure our services are within reach, fulfilling our mission to provide the smile everyone deserves.

Join us at Smile Again Dental, where every patient is treated with the utmost care and respect, and every treatment plan is tailored to individual needs and aspirations.

Restoring Healthy Smiles

Preserving Natural Teeth: Our Core Belief At Smile Again Dental, we prioritize preserving your natural teeth. Recent trends have seen a rise in younger individuals needing dentures, a path we strive to avoid. Our philosophy is rooted in exploring every possible avenue to save natural teeth, providing informed consent, and ensuring patients are fully aware of their options. We advocate for your best interest, presenting all necessary information to help you make the decision that’s right for you. Learn More

Ensuring The Highest Quality Smiles

The Zirconia Difference Our commitment to excellence is further reflected in our exclusive use of zirconia for crowns. Superior to porcelain in durability and aesthetics, zirconia crowns are a testament to our pursuit of providing the highest quality dental products. Working closely with our lab, we ensure that our clients receive nothing but the best in the results we deliver. Learn More

Perfect Smiles

When considering a smile makeover, opting for zirconia crowns offers several significant advantages over porcelain veneers. Zirconia is renowned for its exceptional strength and durability, making these crowns more resistant to chipping and cracking. Also, this durability ensures a longer lifespan for zirconia crowns compared to porcelain veneers, providing a cost-effective solution in the long term. Aesthetically, zirconia crowns can be expertly crafted to mimic the natural appearance of teeth with similar translucency and color matching.

Additionally, zirconia’s biocompatibility is a key advantage, particularly for patients with allergies or sensitivities to other materials, as it is less likely to cause any adverse reaction. These crowns are versatile, suitable for a range of dental conditions, certainly cases where teeth are heavily damaged or decayed, whereas porcelain veneers are limited to cosmetic enhancements. Furthermore, zirconia crowns have a resistance to staining, maintaining their bright, white appearance without concern for discoloration over time. This makes zirconia crowns an ideal choice for those seeking a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting solution for their smile makeover.

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