Comprehensive Dental Exams in Rowlett, TX

Why You Should Schedule Comprehensive Dental Exams

Even if you have not been to the dentist recently, you should consider getting a comprehensive exam. This is so much more than a cleaning. Namely, it is a thorough and extensive examination of your mouth, teeth, and gums by a dentist, who will use the exam to determine all future treatments.

How Often Should You Get Comprehensive Dental Exams?

According to the American Dental Association, any person over the age of two should have a comprehensive examination every three years. If your dentist says you are at higher risk of being diagnosed with certain diseases, conditions, or infections, you may need exams more frequently. After all, the whole point of comprehensive exams is to prevent issues.

Your total body health depends on your oral health. Diabetes, blood pressure issues, gum disease, bone disease, cardiovascular issues, system disorders, and sinus problems have all been linked to poor oral hygiene. Comprehensive dental exams in Rowlett can prevent conditions that will jeopardize your overall health just by looking at your jaw, teeth, gums, and tissue.

What Do Comprehensive Dental Exams Include?

A comprehensive dental exam will usually include:

  • A complete evaluation: This includes a complete medical history and background.
  • An oral health assessment: This will help determine your overall health and if you are at risk for anything.
  • A check for cavities
  • An examination of the jaw: This will be an exam of how your teeth fit together.
  • A cleaning of the teeth with stain removal
  • X-rays
  • A screening for cancer
  • A review of your medication: This determines if any will impact your oral health.
  • An interview: This will let you ask questions, voice your concerns, review your exam, and discuss the results of it.

Further, a comprehensive dental exam ensures all patients have a healthy smile. This cannot be achieved without looking at your dental records. This includes looking at any medications and vitamins you are taking, medical conditions, times you were hospitalized, and surgeries you may have had.

Impeccable recordkeeping on the part of the dentist's office is imperative as it will help provide better care to the patient. They should also record any negative reactions to anesthesia. It should also be asked if the patient frequently drinks alcohol or uses tobacco products.

Comprehensive Dental Exams in Rowlett, TX

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