Comprehensive Dental Exams in Dallas, TX

Everything You Should Know About Comprehensive Dental Exams

Preventative dental visits are one of the most important forms of self-care. Receiving regular, professional examinations makes it possible for dentists to identify and treat small issues before they have the chance to become both serious and widespread. These visits are also an opportunity to identify the best solutions to more extensive, ongoing problems that already exist. At Smile Again Dental, we offer comprehensive dental exams that are designed to provide optimum health and cosmetic benefits.

What Do Comprehensive Dental Exams in Dallas Include?

These services always start with diagnostic imaging to get a clear view of the teeth, their health, and any problems that might be forming. We use these full-mouth X-rays to inform and direct our treatments. During our comprehensive dental exams, Dr. Wilstead inspects all of the teeth for chips, cracks, stress fractures, and other signs of damage that might let decay-causing bacteria in.

We also perform thorough oral cancer screenings as part of this process by inspecting all soft tissues in the mouth for signs of irregularity. Periodontal and gum disease screenings are also performed to catch these issues early on.

We Assess Natural Bite Forces and the Health and Alignment of Your Jaw During Comprehensive Exams

During your comprehensive exam, your jaw alignment and the integrity of your bite will be assessed. Imbalanced bite forces can lead to excessive wear on the teeth. This can increase the likelihood of oral infections, cavities, and even tooth loss. By identifying issues pertaining to the bite, we can recommend the best corrective orthodontic treatments. If you've been exhibiting any signs of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), the dentist can make an assessment and diagnosis at this time.

Verify the Condition of Existing Restorations With a Comprehensive Dental Exam

Comprehensive dental exams in Dallas aren't just for investigating the health and condition of your natural teeth and the surrounding soft tissues. This is also a time for Dr. Wilstead to inspect the status of existing restorations. The best way to ensure the longevity of dental bridges, dental implants, and other functional and cosmetic restorations is by having them examined regularly.

If issues are discovered, Dr. Wilstead can implement a plan for resolving them. In many cases, recommendations for protecting and improving oral health can be as simple as adopting new oral hygiene strategies, choosing and using the right oral hygiene tools, and establishing and maintaining a diet that supports health and cosmetic goals.

Our comprehensive dental exams in Dallas, TX, will enable you to talk about any cosmetic or other concerns that you have. From discussing your history of dental care to sharing your oral health goals, these visits are a time to ask questions, get answers, and learn more about your treatment options.

Comprehensive Dental Exams in Dallas, TX

At Smile Again Dental, we always take a patient-centric approach to helping our clients achieve and maintain optimum oral health.

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